Biyernes, Pebrero 24, 2012

Iloilo City

Calle Real de Iloilo
This City is one of my most visited City because, every summer we go to this city to visit our relatives, when there are time to roam around the city I take the chance just to go around the city because of the classic scenery of the old style buildings surrounded in the city, the most filled street in this city is Calle Real de Iloilo, this street is an old classic street that reminds you of the spanish occupation. Dinagyang Festival is a religious and cultural festival, held in the Fourth Sunday January, it is honored to the Santo Nino. One of the foods that you should eat in this city is the famous delicacy on Iloilo is the La Paz Batchoy everytime we visit this city we give time to try this special delicacy in this city. If you want to feel the Nightlife in this city try to visit this famous place to experience the nightlife in iloilo. The other famous delicacies in this city is the famous Biscocho, the Biscocho is like a biscuit that is very crunchy to eat and very sweet and the others are barquillos, Pinasugbo, and the Piaya. If you wish to visit this city maybe this a trip that is very memorable to you and this city is a fun place for an family to spend time together, just remember that spend your trip wisely.

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